U.S International Group (USIG) is an association (union) of privately held affiliated companies which commenced business operations some 30 years ago in the international arenas of Manufacturing, consulting, trading and construction. USIG through its key executive and operational support personnel combines and provides in excess of 100 years of extensive and unique expertise in global business enterprises.

As one of the most dynamic overseas consultants, USIG recognizes its client's needs and abilities, identifies the suitable opportunities and markets for the clients business and then has the capabilities to arrange for, or where appropriate to participate in, the transactions.

This stretches across the side and varied spectrum of world commerce. USIG's Trading facilities. associates and colleagues span the globe permitting the expedited supply of all forms of materials, capital goods, standard and specialized products. Such rapid response and servicing results in well satisfied customers and end-users on competitive terms and profit to the Group's clients. USIG provides necessary engineering and allied services to its clients, together with other professional disciplines, supervisory and labor forces for major construction projects around the world.

This includes the infrastructure, the requisite materials, equipment and supplies to complete the works in whatever capacity is indicated. USIG's high level of professionalism and experience, coupled with its vast and diversified resources, explains its unmatched record for consistent performance and successful achievements, both completed and on-going.